Success Story: All-Weather Roads Engineering

All-Weather Roads Engineering

They are a proudly South African born, international start-up company, with a revolutionary innovative road product called AWRE Resilient Tar (Asphalt), for building and engineering long-life roads that are resilient to extreme weather events.

The All-Weather Road is a next-generation smart road, that is adaptable and resilient, thus ensuring an efficient and reliable transport system, which is essential for society and transport of goods.

Founded and lead by Mr Emmanuel Mothabi the vision of the business is to have global reach in smart roads engineering and construction projects and to lead the manufacturability and supply of this Proudly South African resilient asphalt worldwide.

Needless to that that the AWRE company has been working hard and has formed strategic partners with astute companies such as:

  • CSIR-South Africa
  • Gautrans (Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport)
  • FEHRL – Europe
  • Canada National Research Council (Ottawa)

Highlights to note:

  • AWRE was selected to be part of 20 other global companies to participate in a full 6 months Managers training programme based Germany.
  • AWRE is in the processing of finalising a pilot project with Canada’s national research council, in partnership with City of Ottawa on their all weather resilient tar (asphalt),
  • They are having ongoing dialogue with FEHRL, which is a European innovation programme for roads and vehicles, covering 30 European countries. FEHRL’s solution seeking project is meant to run until 2030, however AWRE was quick to solve the solution before 2030 deadline.
  • AWRE is currently working with CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) in compiling first level construction report of the all-weather resilient road, where CSIR will also support AWRE with publishing the innovation on international publications & conferences
  • Qfinsoft mechanical engineers performed a Finite Element Analysis model of AWRE Resilient Road under APT (Accelerated Pavement Testing). Where the results came out excellent (as validated by the data during the innovative road testing)

Our Team

The team is compact yet powerful consisting of the below members who make things work.

  • Mr Emmanuel Mothabi – Founder CEO & Inventor (BCOM Economics & Econometrics)
  • Ms Lungile Phetha – Chief Operations Officer (BTech Mining Engineering)
  • Mr Elias Mbatha – Construction Manager
  • Ms Lydia Khumalo – Product Development Manager

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To learn more or get intouch with All-Weather Road Engineering, you can visit their website  on

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