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Lepharo Incubation Programme offers support to existing and start-up businesses by providing incubation facilities as well as specialised intervention services to empower and capacitate aspiring entrepreneurs in the engineering, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, construction inputs, and green economy industries.

We have 6 centre around the country and our headquarters are in Springs in Johannesburg. 

Regional centres:

  • Rustenburg
  • Mogale City
  • Welkom
  • Matlosana
  • Khutsong

You can find each centres contact details here: https://lepharo.co.za/regions/ 

To get incubated into our programme, simply send an email to bdosupport@lepharo.co.za or phone the head office on ‭(011) 363-3920‬

You can find out more information about Lepharo and all its’ services by simply emailing the head office on info@lepharo.co.za or calling 011 363 3920

All activities, training and intervensions provided by Lepharo are paid for already by our stakeholders. Meaning that there is no cost whatsoever to the incubated SMMEs.


The incubation has a training and workshop calendar which is communicated in advance for the SMME’s attendance. These are a mix of online and physical interactions and links on surveys.
No. A director can only apply with one company that fits the scope we cater to under manufacturing, mining, and engineering
No. You may not be onboarded to the Lepharo Incubation Programme if you already belong to another incubator. Most incubators are supported bt SEDA and that is double dipping and it strictly prohibited
Lepharo assists with facilitation of funds, grants and other business development interventions with our various partners. SMME’s are expected to make applicable investment towards their businesses
The Monitoring & Evaluation department will send an email confirmation graduation from Group A to Group B and move SMMEs to Market Linkage Database

Market Linkage

Lepharo has a great footprint and record to assist in this regard.  

Yes, we not only assist with this in terms of linkage, there is also training programs

No, we can however guide in terms of referring to stakeholder for questions you need answered.

Yes, in order for one to assist your entity, you do need to sign a contract with Lepharo.

They training sessions are there to assist and grow your entity within your respective industry.


Commercial Law, Corporate Law , Labour Law, Insurance Law. Elementary Debt Collection , Elementary Trust and Wills Services and BBBEE 
All legal services are paid for by Lepharo Incubation Programme
An SMME who has been duly enrolled in the incubation and has signed the Legal Developmental Plan


It depends on the training we are offering at the time, other trainings YES and others NO 

It also depends on the training we are offering at the time other training are face to face while others are online training 

It also depends on the training, others takes a year, ten days one day even 2hours 

It also depends on the on the type of the training but most of our training don’t need qualifications

For the SMME’s nothing but Lepharo is paying for the trainings, facilitator and the food 

Financial Compliance


We assist your business with staying compliant with various finance laws, i.e. Companies Act and Taxation Law, among others. We also offer accounting services, business planning and facilitate funding.

Yes, Lepharo provides bookkeeping services & the service is free of charge. You will only be charged for legacy services from before you joined Lepharo.

We process the bank statements monthly to generate your management accounts or trial balances. And this process facilitates drafting your company’s annual financial statements at the end of the financial year.

We will need you to send your trial balances to us. These can be obtained from your accountant. In addition, we will still need your bank statements, as they are required when applying for funding.

We would need to file your SARS tax returns. 

Yes, we do. And these projections are found within your business plan.


Lepharo is not a registered financial services organisation to provide direct funding to SMEs. However, we facilitate funding opportunities with our stakeholders to benefit the SMEs. 

Feedback depends on the evaluation process of the funder. Others respond within 24 hours, while others may take weeks/months. 

We will need you to send your trial balances to us. These can be obtained from your accountant. In addition, we will still need your bank statements, as they are required when applying for funding.

Personal Development

The entire process is handled by psychologists and psychometrists registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

The administration and interpretation of many psychometric tests, require registration with the HPCSA. Non-compliance to this requirement is considered a legal offence. This is because psychologists and psychometrists receive specific training on the intricacies of psychometric assessments and the integration of all relevant aspects of the person taking part in the assessment. Therefore, many psychometric assessments can only be conducted by psychologists and psychometrists and it will be a legal offence if non-registered persons administer and report on these assessments.

The importance of psychological well-being and development for entrepreneurs, who are the largest contributors to developing economies, is widely documented in literature and business practice. Therefore, consulting with one of Lepharo’s psychologists or psychometrists does not suggest a problem, rather it means that Lepharo acknowledges the need for investing in the personal development and support of a business owner by trained professionals.

Psychologists’ practice under the guidance of the HPCSA and Health Professions Act, which stipulate the importance of informed consent and confidentiality, which means that information of a client cannot be disclosed to any 3rd party without the informed consent of the client. Informed consent forms will be sent to each client engaged to complete and return to the respective psychologist. This signed form will be sent to Lepharo centre coordinators and monitoring and evaluation manager as proof of your commitment to the programme. Only information relevant to the client’s development as an entrepreneur may be discussed.

New Venture Creation Training

The program is for 12 months

No, this program does not offer a stipend

Yes, SMME’s have to sign the learner agreement form and registration form.

Yes, learners who are found competent will receive certificate.

Through this program, SMMEs will learn how to manage their finances, market their businesses, and discover new business opportunities.

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