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Training Academy

Created in 2007, Lepharo launched its Training Academy in 2011, in the region of Spring, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng province in South Africa. A few years later, the organization opened several branches of its academy in Welkom in the Province of Free State, Klerksdorp in North West Province, and Randfontein in the West Rand region of the Gauteng Province.

Lepharo’s training academy is an ISO accredited standalone institution, which forms part of the organization’s incubation model.

Lead by Mr Albert Mathebula, our training academy has for mission to become pre-eminent capacitators of future S.A. Black Industrialists SMMEs in Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction Inputs, Mining, Agro processing, import replacement and green-economy Sectors.

The center is also described as a solution contributing effectively to the implementation of the Government’s National Skill Development Program.

The principal mission is:

  • To change the set of skills among the SMMEs employees.
  • Improve the capabilities of SMMEs to deliver services.
  • Improve Technologies transfer processes within the Technical Engineering and Manufacturing Sectors.
  • To make sure that Black Industrial SMMEs, are:
    • having more than 50% of ownership effectively held by Black people,
    • having more than 50% of their management done by Black people,
    • having more than 51% of their day to day activities operated by Black people.
  • To reach a ratio of more than 60% of SMMEs owned by Black Industrialists in the SA Economy.
  • To bring training to already employed staffs within SMMEs.

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