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Our objective at Lepharo is to address the low levels of sustainable entrepreneurship amongst 100% black owned businesses in South Africa, primarily through business onsite and offsite incubation, which includes:

During the incubation period, SMMs benefit from the following

Quality Intervention Services

Financial Compliance

Accurately prepare & maintain financial accounts, development of business plans, implementation of Financial & Accounting systems & facilitate funding for SMMEs.

HSE & Labour

Build a legislative compliance culture through In-dept understanding of occupational health and safety Act, COID Act & Labour relations.

Legal Services

Assisting the SMMEs with legal matters whether commercial law, fiduciary services, debt collections, labour or insurance law.

Personal Development

Investing in the personal development of SMME directors through psychometric assessments and personal career development plans.


Mitigate risk by investing in human capital through a holistic approach that ensures physical and mental soundness of directors and staff wellness.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the understanding of the development and implementation of a quality management systems that promote compliance & exceptional service delivery.


Provide accredited education, training and development services for SMMEs and their staff in order to equip them with relevant skills and capabilities

Market Linkage

Facilitating equal access to procurement, enterprise supplier development and networking opportunities for market ready SMMEs to stakeholders in the private and public sector.

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