Mongezi Veti

Chairperson of the Board
Sustainable Economic Development remains the key purpose and vision for Lepharo’s existence.
In line with the National Development Plan, Lepharo continues to reinvent itself in an attempt to ensure that the final outcome of the programme results in full time employment, of both semi and highly skilled members of society by SMEs in the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry.

Chairperson’s Report

Corporate Enterprise/Supplier chain development success is best measured and indicated by the number of SMEs supported and indicated by value of retainer contracts given to SMEs by both the private as well as public sector. The journey is still long. However, the vision is clear in that true sustainable growth of SMEs in engineering and manufacturing can only bear results if the intended market is part of the development process of SMEs.

It is with this objective in mind that the Board has approved strategic partnerships with key organisations that share in Lepharo’s board vision of providing technical, procurement assistance and advice to the programme members, as well as the centre management itself.
The board wishes to welcome new members joining the board from Macsteel and PG Group. Their participation is testimony to the commitment certain companies demonstrate in the potential value of Lepharo, and the need for socio-economic status of the people of Ekurhuleni. Since the centre’s launch in 2011, Lepharo’s 3 year delivery model was launched in 2012 and has been proven to be successful as it produced its first graduates from the programme in 2015.

The Board prides itself of Lepharo’s achievements and would also like to congratulate the Centre Management team and its employees for consistently exceeding KPI targets as set by funders.

Our primary key focus going forward is to identify opportunities that would contribute towards self-sufficiency for long term sustainability with less reliance on external funding.

I would also like to thank the continued visible participation of my fellow board members and their invaluable contributions.

Mr Mongezi Veti
Chairperson of the Board

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