Winsy Foundry

Winsy Foundry

Winsy foundry is one of South Africa’s most flexible foundries which manufactures and supplies, castings ranging from railway products, industrial pump and valve components and mining products.Winsy Foundry(Pty) Ltd is a foundry that was established in May 2017 to manufacture and supply mining components such grinding balls, liners, jaw crushers, industrial pump and industrial valve components like valve bodies, valve bonnets, hand wheels, impellers, expellers, bearing housings, pump casings, end caps etc.The founders always had a great passion for the foundry industry and had a close eye on this industry, until a gap in the market was identified. A continuous decline in the industry motivated us to establish Winsy Foundry (Pty) Ltd that will enhance customer satisfaction.

Market focus
We envisage to be a leader in the foundry industry that manufactures high quality mining and industrial components. We also supply mining equipment with various different types of goods to Sub-Saharan Africa. We commit ourselves to deliver “on time” to enhance customer satisfaction. The ultimate aim of Winsy foundry is to position our company as the preferred supplier of mining equipment and products.
Stringent in-house quality operating systems (ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System) are used to ensure that all standards are adhered too. Currently the company is not certified to ISO 9001:2015, but plan to be certified in 2021.

We are in the process of accumulating records to ensure a smooth and successful ISO 9001:2015 certification. All products will be manufactured according to the customers technical specifications like for example: DIN Specification, ASTM Specifications, EN Specifications, etc. However, the manufacturing of products will not be limited to the above specifications. This will enable our customers and potential customers with guaranteed finish products. We will ensure that the risk of failure or faulty products will be eliminated to the greatest possible degree.

Our products manufactured in Winsy foundry are in accordance with the customer’s specifications (physical and mechanical properties, chemical composition). With a capacity often tons daily, Winsy foundry has the capacity to cast the following components:
• Grinding media: grinding balls, liners, jaw crushers, lifter bars, wheels for goods train, Tips, Front ends, Back ends, HR2 and HR4 for the mines.
• Pump components like casings, involutes, bearing housings, impellers etc.
• Valve components like valve bodies, valve bonnets, hand wheels etc.

Mining products
Pump components
Valve components

Contact Details

Email: Cell: +27 (0) 66 215 6461 / 076 726 7822 Address: 17 Ampere Road, Labore Industrial Park, Brakpan, 1541

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