Lunds tar i s a 100% black owned company which aims at improving the hygiene of the people within the local community. Lundstar
focuses a lot on material recovery facility, which serves to drive down waste to landfill and drive up recycling and recovery of material s
for re-use. One of our main objectives i s to create employment opportunities for the unemployed youth, woman and disabled people within the community and uplift the living standard of people within the community. We plan on doing so by finding innovative solutions on
making waste collection and recycling of recyclable appealing to the community.


  • General waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Medical waste and other forms of hazardous waste
  • Di s infection and sanitization services
  • Ash and brush collection and hauling
  • Waste and refuse collection and hauling

Contact Details 

Email: luanda@lunds Cell: 081 774 7699/ 010 285 0971 Address: 8 Tyrwhitt Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196

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