Incubation Model

Entrepreneur youth
Labourers, Retrench workers
Engineers & Managers
Stage 01: Entry Requirement
Company Registration document
Business Bank Account proof
Tax Clearance (Centre will assist)
BEE Certificate

Business Profile /plan (Centre will assist)
Production/Service invoice

not compulsory)
Unemployment Insurance fund (UIF )
Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
Stage 02
Pre - Incubation (Prospect)
Can attend workshop / trainings on intervention programme but reports are voluntary at this stage
Stage 03: Incubation
• Bookkeeping services
• Assistance on Health, Safety & Environment
• Workshop in assistance with compiling QMS
• Provision of workshop premises
• Business Plan mentoring
• Technical & Business Skills Training
• Assistant with procurement & business
• Access to the office facilities/ tea & coffee as well
as internet access
• Access to workshop , machinery & tools
• Registration with Industry Regulator
• Access to exhibition and other marketing platform
• Assistance with marketing & communication
through GEP & NYDA
Stage 04: Graduation
• 12 month supply contract
• Compliance must in order
• Employed at least 02
permanent employees
• SABS approval for certifi-
cate & products
Stage 05: Post Graduation
Continuous Procurement support from the Centre