General Manager’s Report

The centre managed to operate within budget
and achieved savings in some areas.

Since its launch the programme has grown and is now focusing on ensuring that its offerings are streamlined specifically for the benefit of today’s SME in the engineering and manufacturing sector.
The mandate from the board was for management to ensure and create an environment that ensured mutual value for the SME and the market they serviced.
To achieve this, the programme has engaged in strategic procurement partnerships with stakeholders and other industry associations who shared our vision for a broader economic development through enterprise incubation.
As such, the centre successfully registered as a Merseta accredited training centre with phase 2 registration of new venture creation being finalised as well. This will minimise, if not eradicate, the use of Grant funding for training of SMEs and their employees.
Strategic partnerships with stakeholders have also resulted in benefits for SMEs to access steel through a credit facility with Macsteel with further provision of technical fabrication training being finalised.
With guidance from the board, we continue to explore ways in which to improve, as well as reinvent if necessary, our delivery methodology and the results are encouraging to both management and SMEs to pursue excellence in our objectives.

Zenzo Nkomo
General Manager