Talk Up Africa – Mining

Please join us on the 7th of March at 13h00 SAST for an exclusive dialogue showcasing prominent figures within the mining sector during Episode 5 of Talking UP Africa .

This immersive discussion guarantees to offer an enlightening exploration of the mineral-abundant landscapes across the continent, highlighting the factors propelling advancements, transformations, and notably, the social and economic ramifications for Africans.

The dialogue will also include our CEO, Mr Zenzo Nkomo on the panel.

We will see you there.

NVC Success Story: Empowering Ventures, Transforming Lives

Welcome to Lepharo’s Training Academy, where our unwavering dedication to excellence shines brightly. As an ISO-accredited organisation, our academy plays a pivotal role in providing value-added services to Small, Medium, and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) within our community.

Part of our focus lies in training that centers on Quality Management Systems (QMS) and New Venture Creation (NVC) designed to lay the foundation for businesses based on principles of quality, consistency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

This comprehensive training not only sets SMME ventures on a path to success but also equips them to compete effectively in the market and adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

We take pride in announcing that Service SETA conducted external moderation on Module 4 titled Start and Run a Business, which covered five unit standards (263356, 263534, 114596, 114592, 114600) for the qualification of New Venture Creation at NQF Level 4. As a result, Statement of Results (SORs) were issued to the SMMEs who successfully completed Module 4 at our various centers.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all 48 SMMEs in their respective regions for their dedication and completion of this training. Below is a list of 14 SMMEs who have recently collected their statements of results.

Rustenburg: Omphile Modise (Dlisa Holding Group), Fortune Choechoe (Obasego Civil And Project), Thabang Magama (Save More Waste Recycling Pty Ltd), Bahedile Mashute (Daddy and Son Constructions And Projects)

Mogale City: Silulami Quva (Quva Trading Enterprise), Thapelo Mpye(Monster Bill Construction and IT Solutions), Beta Lefallo (Lefallo Trading Supplies and Construction), Buti Mogapi (Bual Trading)

Springs: Siya Ngwekazi (Lifestyle Cleanest Cleaning)

Khutsong: Stephen Rakomane (TMMS Trading), Mammelo Sotholashe (Nkwenkwezana Holdings Pty Ltd), Zandile Simelane (Luya Service Development), Jermina Mosadi (Ratikebo Trading Enterprise CC).

One graduate aptly expressed, “Networking opportunities have proven invaluable, as graduates have formed connections with fellow entrepreneurs and potential partners. The networking opportunities in Module 4 have opened doors I couldn’t have imagined.” This highlights the significance of building collaborative relationships.

To every aspiring entrepreneur and established SMME, we extend an invitation to be part of this transformative journey. Let’s embrace learning, cultivate new skills, and together, create a tapestry of businesses that are not just profitable but are pillars of quality and innovation in the market.

Success Story: All-Weather Roads Engineering

All-Weather Roads Engineering

They are a proudly South African born, international start-up company, with a revolutionary innovative road product called AWRE Resilient Tar (Asphalt), for building and engineering long-life roads that are resilient to extreme weather events.

The All-Weather Road is a next-generation smart road, that is adaptable and resilient, thus ensuring an efficient and reliable transport system, which is essential for society and transport of goods.

Founded and lead by Mr Emmanuel Mothabi the vision of the business is to have global reach in smart roads engineering and construction projects and to lead the manufacturability and supply of this Proudly South African resilient asphalt worldwide.

Needless to that that the AWRE company has been working hard and has formed strategic partners with astute companies such as:

  • CSIR-South Africa
  • Gautrans (Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport)
  • FEHRL – Europe
  • Canada National Research Council (Ottawa)

Highlights to note:

  • AWRE was selected to be part of 20 other global companies to participate in a full 6 months Managers training programme based Germany.
  • AWRE is in the processing of finalising a pilot project with Canada’s national research council, in partnership with City of Ottawa on their all weather resilient tar (asphalt),
  • They are having ongoing dialogue with FEHRL, which is a European innovation programme for roads and vehicles, covering 30 European countries. FEHRL’s solution seeking project is meant to run until 2030, however AWRE was quick to solve the solution before 2030 deadline.
  • AWRE is currently working with CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) in compiling first level construction report of the all-weather resilient road, where CSIR will also support AWRE with publishing the innovation on international publications & conferences
  • Qfinsoft mechanical engineers performed a Finite Element Analysis model of AWRE Resilient Road under APT (Accelerated Pavement Testing). Where the results came out excellent (as validated by the data during the innovative road testing)

Our Team

The team is compact yet powerful consisting of the below members who make things work.

  • Mr Emmanuel Mothabi – Founder CEO & Inventor (BCOM Economics & Econometrics)
  • Ms Lungile Phetha – Chief Operations Officer (BTech Mining Engineering)
  • Mr Elias Mbatha – Construction Manager
  • Ms Lydia Khumalo – Product Development Manager

Get In Touch

To learn more or get intouch with All-Weather Road Engineering, you can visit their website  on

Mogale City: Home of new South African industrialists

Gauteng Department of Economic Development, Mogale City and Lepharo turn the key to unlock the economic potential of Munsiville.

In recognition of the potential of Gauteng’s informal economy and the SMME sector’s ability to drive economic growth, the Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GDED), Mogale City and Lepharo have unveiled the Mogale City Incubation Hub. Valued at R13 million, the facility is strategically located to reignite the potential of the heart of the Munsiville community, while providing access to skills and training that could quadruple the size of the local economy within three (03) years.

With projected infrastructure projects that are valued at R60 billion in the West Rand region in the next decade, the Hub creates an industrial corridor for innovation, partnership, and entrepreneurship. Servicing the construction and mining value chains, the infrastructure is earmarked as an enabler for cutting down youth unemployment and the capacitation of SMMEs. 

“The Mogale City Incubation Hub comprises the core objectives of ‘Growing Gauteng Together 2030’ (GGT2030). This serves as an investment into the township and informal settlements that harbour the future industrialists we are working to empower and enable for the realisation of a higher economic growth for the residents of Munsiville and Mogale City,” explains Francinah Ntsimane, the Deputy Director for Sector and Industry Development at the Gauteng Department of Economic Development.

The three-year program which is being implemented by Lepharo, an incubation centre for manufacturing, will take place with the support of PPC, SEDA and Tshepo1million. Each partner works with the candidates to educate and empower them through skills development, value creation and entrepreneurship mentorship. Forming part of Lepharo’s national incubation efforts, the qualifying and aspiring small and medium enterprises were invited to apply to be part of the incubation program.

“Our journey empowering entrepreneurs has given us improved confidence in the socio-economic development of the country. In line with the National Development Plan and the Growing Gauteng Together 2030 plan, we have seen 500 businesses complete the three-year program, enabling us to realise our vision and purpose for sustainable economic development. Our efforts to get the next 15 businesses from and around Mogale City have been fruitful. These first steps to enable small township businesses from Munsiville have explicit linkage to the new value chains that are set to take place across Mogale City,” explains Mr Zenzo Nkomo, CEO at Lepharo. “While the first set of participants are being shortlisted, we are confident in our mission to ensure they remain a key component of Gauteng’s economic development as this will play its part in the creation and realisation of Gauteng’s high-growth sectors”.

Serving as a key to a more integrated and inclusive value chain, the game-changing intervention of the Hub is building internal networks of SMMEs owned by black industrialists that will better service all levels of business in the townships. The three projects which are Mining Incubation, Brick Manufacturing and the Construction Inputs and services hubs are developmental nodes that are ready for the inclusion of the SMMEs into their creation. With many in and around Mogale City actively seeking out economic opportunities, the multidisciplinary approach to creating a new area of black industrialists creates an ecosystem that is indispensable for sustainable shared growth and social cohesion.

Speaking at the event, PPC’s Inland Business Unit Head Bheki Mthembu articulated the role of  the private sector in this initiative: “PPC is happy to be part of this impactful partnership that has definitely had a positive ripple effect on our catchment communities, particularly in the South Africa and Gauteng context where we know that many businesses and a lot of people still depend on the efficacy of the PPPs for their economic sustenance. On behalf of PPC, it gives me immense pride to put our badge behind this project and to play our role in helping to advance one of South Africa’s most important areas in the rebuilding our economy. PPC is a proud 100% South African enterprise, and our intention is always to ensure that we put our money where our mouth is, by investing in the areas where government requires our support in order to drive the national economic agenda and to impact economic empowerment. We are delighted that our support as technical partner in the project has equipped these young businesses and these young people with the requisite skills to succeed in this very complex industry and in this complex economy of ours. We trust that this project will help to add the necessary confidence in them, knowing that they are supported by South Africa’s number 1 cement producer, particularly at this crucial time of our efforts to assist in the reconfiguration of our economy”.

The matter of long-term security as a catalyst for shared prosperity remains a key component in this process. With spending on the projects aimed at directly building the economic capacity and linked employment, Tshepo 1Million, in partnership with Harambee Youth Empowerment Accelerator’s role in the identification and inclusion of the youth into the Incubation process is integral. 

“Our approach is to grow and nurture partnerships to increase opportunities for youth in 3 main ways – by growing the Private Sector and increasing youth access to Public sector opportunities, by investing in micro-enterprises and supporting entrepreneurs in creating access for them to markets that can take their businesses to greater heights and by growing solutions with the community networks and with organisations that provide support to young people. Small business is the future of this economy, because if your brick making company can hire 1 or 2 or 10 young people to work for you, this will, without a doubt, remedy joblessness and build a thriving economy,” says Mosuoe Sekonyela, COO of Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator.


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