Welding Level 4
Qualification Title SAQA ID No: NQF level Credit Entry Requirement Duration Register Enrolment date Last date of Enrolment
Further Education and Training Certificate: Welding Application and Practice 57887 3 158 NQF Level 2 or Equivalent One year 2015-07-01 2019-06-30

Purpose of qualification:

The purpose of this Qualification is to provide learners, education and training providers and employers with the standards and the range of learning required to work effectively in the welding industry and to meet the challenges of such an environment.

This Qualification is the last of a progression, which culminates in the use of a range of complex welding methods. The purpose of this Qualification is to develop learners who, after completion, demonstrate the ability to:

  • Use and apply a variety of plate and pipe welding processes according to performance standards.
  • Participate in self-directed activity, by complying with welding procedures and maintaining business objectives.
  • Demonstrate leadership through effective interaction and communication with clients, peers and members of supervisory and management levels.
    Range: Leadership (individual and team); problem solving; technical report writing; exploring options for further learning.

This Qualification requires that learners apply complex welding practice and theoretical knowledge within the following environments:

  • Manufacture and Assembly.
  • Chemical Plant Installations.
  • Food Processing Plant Installations.
  • Building and Construction.

Qualifying learners will also understand:

  • Implementation and maintenance of business processes.
  • Supervision of work units.
  • The writing of technical reports.
  • Communication and numeracy skills applicable at this level and appropriate to the work environment.