Welding Level 2
Qualification Title SAQA ID No: NQF level Credit Entry Requirement Duration Register Enrolment date Last date of Enrolment
National Certificate: Welding Application and Practice 57881 2 158 NQF Level 1 or Equivalent One year 2015-07-01 2019-06-30

Purpose of qualification:

The purpose of this Qualification is to provide learners with the standards and the range of learning required to work effectively in the welding industry and to meet the challenges of such an environment.
This Qualification recognises the basic skills, knowledge and values acquired by learners involved in welding. The purpose of this qualification is to develop learners who, after completion, demonstrate the ability to:

  • Use and apply mechanical and welding technology, techniques, processes and skills, as applied in the fabrication and welding industry, using appropriate tools and measuring equipment.
  • Use and apply a variety of fillet welding, oxy-fuel cutting and oxy-fuel joining processes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the welding industry and its productivity requirements, by applying appropriate work-procedures.
  • Communicate effectively in order to achieve personal, business and organizational objectives. (Range: Reading and interpreting work instructions, documents and drawings; maintaining effective relationships; exploring options for further learning).

Qualifying learners will also understand:

  • Welding Safety and applicable work-site practice.
  • Effective communication techniques within the workplace.
  • Numeracy skills applicable to the welding environment.
  • Dealing with HIV-aids.With this understanding, learners will be able to participate in workplace activities. What learners achieve in this Qualification will also serve as a basis for further learning where they will further develop their skills and knowledge to include more complex welding processes, equipment and techniques